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Performance Dance Footwear


The Fair Inc. has been contracted to sell and distribute MDM products in the USA . As a result, you can get your orders faster and have a source for customer service nearby.

MDM Dance, headquartered in Australia, believes in dancewear that is relevant and complimentary to the dancer's artistic ability.  It must be comfortable, it must have perfect aesthetics and it must have embedded technologies that assist to reduce injury and lengthen the dancer's career.
MDM is made up of a team of passionate individuals that can deliver high quality relevant dancewear to a rapidly changing market.  We are ex-professional dancers connected to the dance industry family and we are designers that have produced products for the largest dancewear and sportswear companies.  We are in touch with the latest technologies and innovation, we are young, energetic and passionate and everything we do must promote the art of dance.

Our exclusive, patented technologies enable a range of performance benefits including injury protection by using impact cushioning materials, correct levels of support to help avoid pronation, controlled resistance and sensory awareness.

We ship only within the USA.


Your shoes saved one ballet teacher's feet!

I wanted to write and let you know that MDM dance shoes have saved this ballet teacher's aching feet. 


I have been a ballet teacher for 35 years.  The long hours on my feet in ballet slippers with no arch or heel support for many years caused me to develop plantar fasciitis.  It is quite painful but is controlled with adequate shoe support.  I looked at all the major dance shoe companies for a ballet or teaching shoe that offered some arch support and heel cushion.  Surely, I'm not the only ballet teacher who has this problem.  All I could find was a dance sneaker which is ok, but doesn't look very classical.  Last year I found your website and was pleasantly surprised to see that your company has shoes with technology to give some foot support.  I ordered a pair from the MDM US distributer gave your shoes a try.  What a game changer!  The arch and heel support make all the difference.  I can teach my classes with comfortable feet.  The shoes are very light weight and they conform to the foot just like a ballet slipper should.  I still wear my dance sneakers for the really long days (I have changed over to the MDM Sheer sneaker)  but I love my MDM shoes and wear them every day. 

Just a thought on fitting.  I don't know if other people have experienced this but, on my foot, your Elemental leather shoe seems to fit larger than the same size in canvas.  While I fit well in the canvas Intrinsic Relfex in size 7, the Elemental leather shoe was too large.  I went down 1/2 size to the 6.5.  I just received them in the mail today and haven't used them at the studio yet but they seem like they are going to work well.

Big thank you to Matt and the other employees at your Minnesota US distributors who have been very helpful!  Hopefully you will one day be able to expand into more areas of the US.  I will definitely share my experience with the other teachers and dancers in my area.    


Thanks you for a great product!


Rebecca Seiley

San Diego Civic Youth Ballet

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